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My Drawing Board

ONLY 3 of 100 LEFT!!

Drawing surface :  A3 paper or smaller.

Especially designed to store pencils and ink pencils like : Pigma Micron, Staedtler pigment liner, Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment, Uni Pin Fine Line and more.

A magnet is included to hold the paper on the surface.

Material : Birch plywood, Natural finish



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Andreas Bossert
Received Damaged, used product - bad customer service - Cannot recommend.

I've received the drawing board last year and I'm still furios about the fact, that I've obviously received a used board. I've sent photographs to that clearly show, that there is a visible tan line on the board, which indicates that it has been in use for quite some time. Furthermore it has several surface scratches and a knothole mark on the upper left. Although the latter tends to come from the fact that it is a wooden article and nature can't be bothered, it is unacceptable for a luxury item such as this.
The materials don't have the quality praised on the website and very unsatisfied with the product. I can't recommend the item nor the service of this company. They never wrote me back or compensated me for the faults of the boards. And beware: You'll have to pay customs, if you're ordering outside of the USA, since the website does state .fr but the board is shipped from America. Which is nowhere mentioned on the website! Overall I've payed 230,- EUR and an additional 60,- EUR in customs, a total of 290,- EUR, for a product that would have been cheaper (40,- EUR, no shipping) to get from Meeden via

hane yosuke


Mohammad Alkhalifa
pretty good

very nice

Patrice THOMAS

Hello, i am happy of my choice. Best regards

Awesome but brand name placed on the back

I love my new board! The whole room was filled with the smell auf fresh wood after opening the package. I’m a bit sad though, because „my drawing board“ was placed on the back of the board, so you can’t see it while it’s placed on the desk...

Hi Pia! I am glad you love the board. We moved the engraving to the back due to customer feedback that they would like the logo not to take up every inch of drawing space for those working with larger sheet canvases.