The Story

One day, I decided to create the tool I 've always dreamed about : an ergonomic and functional workspace.




The Idea

 The idea was born in June 2016 from a school project. 

The concept of creating an efficient workspace came naturally when I looked at the mess on my desk after a long drawing session, there were pencils all over the place and I had back pain.

I needed to do something. 



 After graduating from my art school, I decided to work full-time on this project.


At first, the project was not meant to be commercialized, but I had such a positive feedback that I jumped into it full-time.

After months of work and prototyping, I finally ended up with a fully functional version. It was time to find a manufacturer and suppliers. All of them are based in France.

My Drawing Board is 100% made and assembled in France**

**due to restrictions with the export of wood they are shipped from the US


The material used is a birch plywood. Known to be robuste, stable and sustainable, this high quality wood find many applications. The surface is sanded on both sides and it's has a clear and beautiful appearance.




The surface can be adjusted to 7 different angles : from 10° to 45°   

The surface can be adjusted to 7 different angles by a simple move


my drawing boardOrganize your pencils, ink pencils, eraser, sharpener...


my drawing boardFor both left and right handed 


 Back storage for your paper


my drawing boardA magnet is included on the surface to hold and rotate your paper


my drawing boardCan be easily stored and transported



 Plenty of room for your pens, pencils, ink pencils and other art supplies !



How do I know if my pencils fits ?


My drawing board is designed to store a lot of different ink pencils, brush pens, felt tip markers,... Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most well known pens :

  • Pigma Micron